Web design and development

In order to create fully customized designs to suit our clients' needs, we communicate closely with our clients. The websites we design are not only beautiful, but every step of the design, structure and customization is based on the client's specific requirements, allowing clients to easily explore their needs.

50% of visitors browse your website via a smartphone or tablet, so responsive web design gives your customers an unparalleled experience. sounds good? Please contact us to learn more.

  • Convenient for portable use

    Responsive web design enables websites to be read and navigated on a variety of browsing devices such as plasma displays, iPads or smartphones.

  • Google friendly

    Powerful and search engine friendly - content is fully controlled by the user.

  • Cater to customer preferences

    Every website and system we build is backed up on mobile devices - from real people to real offices.


Help your business make money online easily E-commerce is the fastest growing market in China. Sales in 2014 are expected to reach 12.3 trillion yuan, exceeding last year's 12.3 trillion online sales, achieving a 21.3% growth. Putting aside the growing mobile commerce market, we can positively predict the development of this industry from the increasingly saturated smartphone and tablet markets.

We can help: We have over 20 years of experience building and managing online shopping systems. Customers who use us to plan and build e-commerce systems can successfully achieve sales in excess of six figures (and in some cases seven figures).

  • Online store

    Smooth, user and search engine friendly, and powerful shopping platform for you to sell online.

  • Book online

    Use effective system explanations to get people to the right place - one system, multiple uses.

  • Online bill settlement

    An online ordering and invoicing system tailor-made for your business will help you get paid faster.

SEO and Social Marketing Strategies

"Go out" directly from Google friendly words

Every website we build is search engine friendly from the moment it is launched. We will work with you to customize an ongoing search engine and Internet marketing strategy to get your potential customers to find your website.

Your social platform is likely your first step in engaging with your customers, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. For example, social networks are the most visited websites in Hong Kong. (For example, Facebook in second place and Twitter in ninth place)

  • Keywords

    We'll help you find the exact search terms or phrases your potential customers are using and tell you what you need to do to get them to find your site.

  • Analyze

    Not only do we find your competitors, we tell you about them, including all their links and traffic sources, and how to beat them.

  • Marketing Strategy

    A fully customized content and social media plan can help you put your product or service in front of potential buyers, making it a hit.

  • Analyze

    Allows you to make informed data-driven decisions, such as deciding whether to remove an ad, test your marketing or pricing experiments.

Graphic design

Imagery, Logo and Branding

Looking for clever and creative logo design, product packaging to help you sell or want to overhaul a tired brand? Our brands have extensive creative experience and work with you to produce unique presence materials that establish your business just as you envisioned it.

Graphic design and branding─it's all about you. Our packages include everything you need for brand management, logos or graphics.

  • logo design

    Business cards, letterhead or promotional flyers - tell us your ideas and we'll turn them into something beautiful.

  • Brand

    Business cards, letterhead or promotional flyers - tell us your ideas and we'll turn them into something beautiful.

  • print media

    Business cards, letterhead or promotional flyers - tell us your ideas and we'll turn them into something beautiful.

System integration and consulting solutions

Integration solutions with existing systems or applications - Connecting different components or subsystems (computing systems or software applications) into a whole to create a larger and more comprehensive system to meet your business needs.

  • Experienced and skilled programmers and engineers

    Our developers are skilled in enterprise architecture, systems analysis, software and hardware engineering, providing you with professional and appropriate advice while ensuring that all systems are connected and functioning properly.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    Our services are professional, complete and reliable, and we create customized solutions that are sure to take care of your needs. We will first study the system you are currently using, analyze its shortcomings, and then customize a system integration solution for you on time and within budget to solve the problems of the original system.

  • Customer partners

    We have close business relationships with listed companies, banking financial institutions, government departments, multinational corporations and global information software providers. In addition, our business has also expanded to Greater China.

Education solutions

Noan specializes in creating and transforming kindergarten websites, and optimizing the website to be read and navigated on multiple browsing devices.

  • Web Design

    Our web designers are good at designing kindergarten cartoon characters to create a cheerful and energetic feeling and visual design.

  • Campus Information Mobile App

    The Campus Information mobile app allows young children, parents and staff to keep up to date with the latest campus-related news, news and articles. If necessary, the application can connect to internal administrative systems.

  • System support services

    We are Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) - technicians who are familiar with Apple's e-learning solutions (such as Mac, iPad, Airport Extreme, Airport Express, Mac Os X, etc.) to make your experience more exciting.

Our Partners‒ To date
we have supported various startups such as Tennis, a community bulletin board and a CFA mentor app.


We understand that starting a new company may encounter many serious challenges, so we will use information technology solutions to help you overcome the difficulties of starting a business and accompany you through difficult moments.

We welcome you to discuss innovative and comprehensive business concepts with us; with our rich experience in developing various innovative and customized software solutions, we believe that providing you with technology investment will help you win at the starting line.

Enterprise resource planning application development and support services

Enterprise Resource Planning Application Development, Integration and Consulting – A single and end-to-end business solution that provides enterprise resource planning configuration, development, integration and consulting services on mainframe, on-premises or in the cloud (Software as a Service), such as sales Point-in-time intelligence system, inventory, etc.

In order to enable your enterprise to continue to grow and improve efficiency and profitability, a customized enterprise resource planning system will focus on concepts such as cost reduction and business process management.

We are one of the strongest enterprise resource planning providers in the industry, providing enterprise resource planning systems specifically tailored to meet your specific needs.

Noon provides mobile solutions tailored to the individual needs of mobile workers.

Customer relationship management system

With a powerful and intelligent customer relationship management system, you can manage interactions with current and potential customers.

  • Retail Customer Relationship Management System

    Nuoan's retail customer relationship management system allows you to understand your business relationships with customers. It tracks and analyzes the changing consumption patterns of your customers. You can use this analysis tool to create programs that cater to your customers based on their profiles and purchase history, such as developing loyalty programs, building deeper relationships with repeat customers, and more.

  • Business Customer Relationship Management System

    Nuoan provides ideal customer relationship management system solutions for commercial companies. With the support of a multi-functional business CRM system, you can build a database to retain dealer and customer information and track customer interactions to maximize profits from your business relationships.

This is the customer relationship management system you've been waiting for.

Customer file management and messaging system

The client file management messaging system provides a customized private chat room system. You can open a private chat room for a specific case or topic to improve the efficiency of internal communications.

  • Customer files

    The system allows users to share files in the chat room - staff involved in order cases can be added to the chat room to process the corresponding files. These documents can be quickly and easily sent to relevant colleagues at once to speed up the work process.

  • Private chat room

    In chat rooms, users can share photos, voice and text messages. For example, when a salesperson places an order, he or she can immediately create a dedicated chat room to send his or her quote to the shipping department for further review and processing. This system improves the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications, helping to increase productivity.

Point of sale intelligence system application

Noon provides customized point-of-sale intelligence system applications (POS Apps) to assist with all business processes you need, including sales and inventory tracking.

It is designed specifically for commercial and retail businesses, giving you a full range of point-of-sale functionality. This app is available for Android or iOS systems, such as iPad, and allows you to keep payment records, modify product information (pictures, descriptions, and prices), and generate receipts.

  • Inventory management

    Point-of-sale intelligence system application enables simultaneous inventory management. You can track inventory conversion data and latest status (location and quantity) of internal stores for smoother and more efficient inventory allocation arrangements. Additionally, you can scan the barcodes of inventory items to record their movement. So you can make the stock quantity of different branches and warehouses clear at a glance with the help of this application.

  • Member system

    You can register customers in this system to make different payments with just a few clicks. This solution provides a customized membership charging system for designated groups of customers.